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Thank you and a bittersweet farewell!

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As part of the VenturePOP community, we wanted to send you a colossal “Thank You” and the highest of high fives for your support over the past four years of us leading this incredible crew.

It’s people like you that have made our vision possible. Your fuel to our fire has resulted in hosting 32+ experts to present to 600+ creative entrepreneurs to inspire professional growth and spark collaborations.

Today, we’re announcing that we’ve decided to no longer host VenturePOP Conferences.

Over the past four years, we’ve hosted welcome dinners, happy hours, second-lines and NOLA-style after parties to break down the walls of competition and make business buds for life.

We’re humbled by the amazing people we’ve gotten to work with and experiences we’ve shared with our speakers, sponsors, and attendees over the past four years of hosting VenturePOP Conferences throughout the city of New Orleans.

In the beginning, VenturePOP was nothing more than an idea and a Kickstarter campaign to fill a need that we had to be surrounded by others paving their own way. Years later we now know that a weekend full of experiences can lead to SOOO much more than that.

We’re in constant awe of the success stories that can be traced back to VenturePOP, and we’re forever grateful that you helped us to make these greatest accomplishments a reality.

While this community means the world to us, we’ve decided that hosting an annual conference is no longer the best way for us to serve.

Individually, we plan to continue championing creative entrepreneurs and in the near future, we’ll be announcing how each of us plans to continue the legacy of VenturePOP by supporting you with our own businesses.

Thanks again. We truly wouldn’t have been as successful without your support.

Ciera Holzenthal + Kristy Oustalet Duke
VenturePOP Co-founders

A goodbye letter from Ciera.

A goodbye letter from Kristy.


Photo by Trevor Mark.


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