Step #1: Connecting with Others Like a Pro

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Tip:  Watch this interview first where we dive into the 4 Steps of Connecting with Others Like a Pro.

Hey There Venture Popists,

My name is David Knapp-Fisher and I’m in the business of teaching people how to create human connections that help one another live enhanced lifestyles; and with Venture Pop right around the corner what better time to learn the four secrets that can turn an ordinary conference experience into a connect-fest?

With this in mind, let’s begin with Secret #1: “SAY HELLO FIRST.

Saying Hello first puts the responsibility squarely on our shoulders to break the ice and create conversations; conversations that could be life changing for us, or the person we are talking to.

Failing to make this connection means these valuable connections might be missed, which is why the strategy is for us to make the introduction, rather than wait (and hope) for someone else to do it.

My challenge to you is to begin practicing this life-changing strategy in your day-to-day interactions by saying “Hello” to at least five strangers each day, and even engage in a little small talk with a few of them.

Questions are a great way to do this; for example:

  • “Excuse me, I really like your tie/shoes/skirt/jacket – Where did you get it?
  • “Hi, I was wondering if you know when the museum/mall/store opens?”
  • “Pardon me, I’m looking for a really great Thai/Indian/Seafood restaurant; do you have any recommendations?”

Best of all by starting this habit now you will be completely comfortable to ninja your way into creating awesome connections with all the folks you’ll meet at the Venture Pop conference; and after all, isn’t that one of the main reasons we attend conferences- to connect with like-minded people?

Of course it is.  Now you know the first secret of the successful connectors you are well on your way to becoming a Connectivity Ninja yourself!

NEXT WEEK: Connectivity Ninja Secret #2

David Knapp-Fisher is a Victoria, B.C. based writer and speaker who specializes in creating human connection and building community through his business Connectivity Ninja. David can be reached at


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