How to Prep for VenturePOP or Your Next Creative Conference

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A guide to help you prep for your next conference!


Ah! VenturePop2017 is 1 month away! It’s insane how fast the year has flown by. We’ve attended a few conferences this year already, and we’ve created a guide to help you prep for VenturePop and other conferences that you plan to attend!


First, think about your goals for the conference. Do you want to gain 10 new friends and potential collaborators? Solve a marketing problem? Talk one-on-one with a keynote speaker? This is a good time to reflect on your business and find out exactly what you want out of this experience.


Now that you’ve reflected—PREP your business! Is it time to order some new business cards? Take a look at your social media and make sure your handles are aligned. Super tip: prep your elevator pitch! People will be asking what you do the entire weekend. You’ll feel way more comfortable and confident if you have a thoughtful, intentional answer to give them.


Follow the #VenturePop and #VenturePop2017 hashtags and join our Facebook group! Interacting with attendees via social media comments and DMs allows you to make friends before you even walk through the conference door! It’s a fantastic way to get involved before the conference and will make breaking the ice a little easier.


Read up on the speakers. Who do you want to see? Is there someone tackling an issue you’ve been struggling with? Prepare for each talk with potential questions so you get the most out of each topic!


This is New Orleans, which is notoriously hot. BUT it’ll be close to October, so pay attention to the weather when packing. Always bring a sweater or blazer in case the venue gets cold! Here’s a short list of essentials for the weekend:

  • Computer (duh) and charger
  • Portable phone battery/charger
  • Notebook + pens
  • Headphones
  • Business cards + other promotional items


Easy, peasy, right!? Hope this helps as we countdown to September 30th! We are so excited to see you at #VenturePop2017. If you see any team members at the conference, please come and introduce yourself!


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