quotation-marks-left“2016 has been the year of conferences for me. I’ve been to half a dozen around the country, and admittedly, I never quite know what I’m getting into before showing up. I knew VenturePop’s marketing looked good and I was incredibly excited to see a handful of the speakers, but I was thrilled to find out that it was absolutely worth every penny. It was such a thoughtful conference. The consideration that went into the speaker line-up, the venue, the surprises throughout the day, and the after party truly brought together an excellent conference of awesome, supportive people. I will definitely be buying a ticket for 2017.” – Chrystina Noel

quotation-marks-left“Feeling pretty excited, a lot inspired and completely pumped about the days to come. Thank you toVenturePop for hosting an unforgettable weekend filled with next steps, battle cries, new friends, and a community to hold it all together.”– Eric Garcia

quotation-marks-left“VenturePop was the coolest experience I’ve had in a while. SO MUCH MOTIVATION! So many people doing such cool things. Really enjoyed learning and being a part of Dearworld. Already looking forward to next year!”– Kerri Michael

quotation-marks-left“Meeting new people at VenturePop got me the largest client that I have ever had. Through Bashir Wali’s speech, I learned about the connections my business and Provenance Hotels has. I contacted them after the conference, and they commissioned a set of all their hotels from me!”– Sam Randolph, Little Histories

quotation-marks-leftI don’t even know what to say. VenturePop exceeded all my expectations and then slathered those expectations in frosting. It was such a wonderful event. I can’t even say “thank you” because that seems so small compared to how hard you all must have worked to put it together. But thank you. This was one of my favorite events of the year. Can’t wait for next year!” – Angie Green, Studio Storyville

quotation-marks-leftVenturePop was the most intimate, warm and diverse conference of all the conferences I’ve attended/spoken at. Thank you for inviting me to take part and become a member of the VenturePop world”– Wesley Verhoeve

quotation-marks-left“New Orleans is vibrant with incredibly diverse, friendly, authentic people who made me feel right at home the minute I got there. Thank you to the VenturePop team for one of the most moving and motivating conferences I’ve ever been to.”– Cynthia Oswald

quotation-marks-leftThe conference changed my life so significantly that I was so excited when the early bird tickets were announced.  I bought one right away….and proceeded to share your event with everyone I could think of.”– Re’ Howse of SeaGem Studios

quotation-marks-leftWithout attending VenturePop my business would not be where it is today. I can’t give enough praise to this fantastic event!”– Chelsea Friend, Aatchafalaya Trading Co.

quotation-marks-leftThis was one of the most impactful events in my life last year and I know this year will be the same. Also, this gives me another excuse to head to New Orleans ;)”– Nathan Allotey

quotation-marks-leftThe space, speakers and overall programming was great, but the people and cultural feel of the event are what made it such an amazingly beautiful experience!” – Billy Schrero, Launch Pad

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