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Don’t let another year fly by and wonder where it went.

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The next live Planning Party will be in December 2018.

Let’s make 2018 your best year ever!

Imagine if…

  • you carved out a small chunk of time and followed a fun and simple guided process designed specifically for small business owners
  • you actually thought through your revenue goals, wrote them down, and determined the steps to actually make them happen
  • you took a minute to celebrate your 2017 accomplishments instead of beating yourself up over what you couldn’t squeeze in
  • instead of being overwhelmed with all the choices you could make in your business, you had a clear plan to follow and feel confident in the choices that you make

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A LIVE online event.  Carve out a chunk of time and leave with a game plan to kick off a killer year.
  • First, we’ll celebrate your 2017 accomplishments.  Cheers to that!  …cause it is easy to get stuck + focus on what we ‘didn’t do’.  
  • Next, we’ll sort through what hasn’t served you in 2017 so you can make room to do the work that truly matters.
  • Now that you have some solid perspective, we’ll map out your next steps to your best year yet!

Set aside the time, make the commitment, and leave with a clear plan and a creative community that has your back.

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Kristy Oustalet, Pow Wow Productions + Ciera Holzenthal, Ciera Design Studio

For years, we’ve been collaborating on large-scale launches, events, and growing the VenturePOP community. Early on, it became crystal clear that ‘winging it’ as a small business owner is a rookie mistake and frankly, one we couldn’t afford to make.

Taking time to map out how all the strategies fit together in one big picture plan has been the only way we can grow and rally a community around our mission.

For any business, there’s a lot to plan, a lot of big goals to set, a lot of small checkpoints to meet, and a lot of details to pull together. So we’ve created a formula to share with you!

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If your business seems like it’s running you, instead of you running it OR you feel in your gut that this is the year to grow your business to exciting new heights…

We’ll get laser-focused on thinking bigger, raising the bar, and supporting each other along the way.

Sure, you’re a smart cookie and could make a plan on your own- but doesn’t a party sound way more fun?

Join us for the VenturePOP Planning Party to confidently kick off the New Year!

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VenturePOP is a community and annual conference that equips creative entrepreneurs with the tools, strategies, and comradery to think bigger about their mini-empires.

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“Feeling pretty excited, a lot inspired and completely pumped about the days to come. Thank you to VenturePop for hosting an unforgettable weekend filled with next steps, battle cries, new friends, and a community to hold it all together.” – Eric Garcia