What you need to know before hiring a Virtual Office

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Whether it’s behind a desk, jet-setting on a plane or relaxing on a picnic blanket, a workplace these days can take many varying forms. But with an ever-changing world, both culturally and digitally, the idea of a workplace is becoming less of a physical location and more of an online address. Virtual offices like Servcorp are seemingly the way to go, negating the high need for office space but also providing flexibility and loads of options for businesses. But is it a concept that would work for every business?

What you need to know before hiring a Virtual Office

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office enables businesses to have many of the benefits of a physical office but without any actual space or desks. The idea is that you can run a business from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. It also enables organizations to create and maintain a presence in a desirable location without the need to pay rent for an actual space. Sounds easy enough but not all businesses might fit the concept.

Will it suit your business?

Make a business plan and consider your needs. Ask yourself a series of questions and decide whether you actually need a physical space to work in, if you can maintain operation from anywhere in the world or if your business requires meeting spaces for potential clients.


Another big factor to consider is accessibility.  While ideally designed to be flexible, virtual offices can also still have the benefits of a physical address, giving users a location to have their mail sent to, as well as phone services or even somewhere to meet with clients if necessary. Many virtual offices offer 24/7 access, but it is not a certainty across all companies and sites, so ensure you can operate your business to your preferred timeline.


Let’s face it, money makes the world go around and when it comes to business, money is time and time is money. Is it more cost effective for you to run your business from a physical office space or would it be more beneficial to determine your own location? Break down your business product and set up and determine whether associated costs outweigh incoming money as well as where you can save

Your team

Will you be running your virtual business solo or looking to engage a team? Having a remote team can have a series of benefits and disadvantages depending on your business type. Although creating a comfortable yet flexible working environment, it’s important to remember you can’t actually see your team as you would in a normal office environment. Regular contact then becomes vital to ensure your team feel valued and also so you know work is being done. If necessary, consider scheduling regular meet ups, where appropriate, to build team morale and set working goals.


Communication is key to the success of any business. But running a business is essentially remote conditions means the prospect of communication becomes even more vital. Consider how it would be best to communicate with your team and prospective clients, whether it be software, app tools, phones, message services and how you can set up your virtual office accordingly.

Going virtual, like any business venture will present ups and downs, but it’s important to remember the concept isn’t always suitable for every type of business. It’s an arrangement that tends to be more functional for smaller teams or individuals. Do your homework and decide if it’s something that will work for you. Consider what your business needs, and how it will operate to determine whether this is the best option for your business before taking the next step.



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