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Interview Liz Maute Cooke

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Liz Maute Cooke on being brave, building a greeting card business, and investing in her craft

We are beyond excited to interview Liz Maute Cooke for the first episode of our VenturePOP Summer Workshop Series. Not only is she an incredible illustrator and hand-letterer, she’s also the host of VenturePOP 2016. She makes work that is hilarious and heartfelt through her company Lionheart Prints. You can find her products across the United States including every Urban Outfitters in the country.

In this episode we cover:

  • Building a greeting card business from scratch
  • Improving your business by investing in your craft
  • Moving from a home studio to a physical retail space

Quotable Moment: “The best moments in life are the ones where we’re being brave.”

3 Tips:

  • Don’t be an asshole. Every business is built on relationships
  • Inspiration exists everywhere, but it’s up to you to see it. Your great ideas are in the smallest moments.
  • Just keep swimming. Expect failure and do not let it break you. It’s an opportunity to learn.

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