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Kristy Wants To Stay In Touch!

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Hey, Kristy here.

I first want to tell you how grateful I am that you’ve been a part of the VenturePOP community.

Throughout the years, Ciera and I have witnessed countless business and personal friendships that can be traced back to a single VenturePOP experience, and the same goes for me too. I’ve worked with and met some truly amazing people over the past four years, and I sincerely hope that this shift doesn’t mean goodbye for good.

Honestly, I’ve been pretty quiet online… okay, radio silent… since our last conference.
I’ve been digging deep and working with a business coach to get clear on what’s next for me.

While I’m sad to let VenturePOP go, I couldn’t be more thrilled to make room for what I have coming up.

Here’s where I’ve landed-

As you may know, in addition to VenturePOP, for the past 5 years I’ve been the Business Manager for an event venue (Race + Religious) that has seen aggressive growth over recent years. Through both the growth of the venue and the VenturePOP movement, I’ve learned first hand about how the back end of the business needs to keep up with those changes.

This past year these two worlds collided. It hit me, it doesn’t matter whether its a mini-empire or a million dollar business- there’s a need for better systems, processes, and tracking trends to guide sound business decisions as we grow.

It got me thinking…

What if we ran our small creative businesses as if they were already seven-figure revenue generating machines?

What if wearing alllll the hats is what’s holding us back?

What if we dropped the “I’m just not a numbers person” excuse and started acting like a freaking CFO (Chief Financial Officer)?

That’s exactly the focus of my new brand: Kristy Duke Consulting- helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs take control of their small business (and life) through maximizing their profit margins.

I’m incredibly excited to launch this new venture in the next few weeks (this Spring), and would love for you to cheer me on. Below is a link to more info and my fresh Instagram account (holy crap- I’m starting from scratch, yall).

Cheers to old friends, a supportive community, and new beginnings!



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