Keynote Speaker Announced: Cyndie Spiegel

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Consider the final presentation of VenturePOP 2017 to be Cyndie Spiegel’s victory lap for crushing it so damn hard three years ago when she first took the VenturePOP stage. Back at our very first conference, attendees were seeking things similar to what we hear you’re craving now:

  • A consistent flow of clients
  • Making more money
  • Confidence in everyday decisions

Little did we know that ALL these common constant issues stem from fear, and we simply needed a confidence-boosting kick in the but with a ton of heart (and a lot of f-bombs) from Cyndie.

This year, she’ll be teaching an extended workshop on taking action and busting fear, two things we think she’s the absolute best at.  As the closer of this year’s conference, you can help but leave ready to conquer your biggest goals yet with a concise plan with inspired action.

Anyone who has been around Cyndie or learned from her- knows that this one workshop is worth the price of admission.


Cyndie is a Brooklyn-based small business strategist and coach specializing in strategy for creative entrepreneurs. Her motivational coaching sessions have inspired innovative start-ups, independent entrepreneurs, and renowned luxury designers to grow their businesses to exceptional heights while maintaining their distinct vision. After a seventeen-year career in the fashion industry, she’s built her own coaching practice and online accelerator program, The Collective (Of Us).


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