Keynote Speaker Announced: Adam J. Kurtz

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We didn’t think it was possible for an artist to manifest all of our daily thoughts, emotions, and struggles into physical objects. Once we saw this illustrators’ work, every single pin, t-shirt and tote bag had us sighing, “Same.” You’ve probably seen his creative guides on Design Sponge or eyed one of his books at your local Urban Outfitters, but now you can see him IRL on the Venture Pop stage.⠀

We are so excited to announce Adam J. Kurtz as a keynote speaker for VenturePOP 2017! His talk will focus on how to channel emotion and experiences into creative work and how everyone can feel enabled and empowered to make honest work no matter their skill set or resources.⠀


Adam J. Kurtz (aka “ADAMJK”) is a Brooklyn-based artist and author whose design and illustration is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness. Kurtz’s narrative voice is often a reaction to internet culture, exploring the evolving role of design and language in their modern context, where text and image “memes” rule conversation and have changed the nature of communication itself. It’s no surprise then that he’s amassed a considerable online audience of young—and young-at-heart—creatives.


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