How to Connect with Others Like a Pro

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A few months back, I traveled to Portland for a conference. I actually go alone to this event every year because it forces me to be 100% open to meeting new people and connecting with others when it tends to be easier to hang with the friends you came with.

At the welcome event, I noticed a guy who was working the room like a pro. He really stood out to me, I had to go introduce myself. We hung out, touched based throughout the weekend, and still keep in touch.

That guy was David Knapp-Fisher, better known as the Connectivity Ninja. He teaches others how to make the most out of conferences, events, and really everyday life through genuine connection.

I thought it would be fun to hop on a call with him, so he can to share his simple 4 step process to making the most out of VenturePOP 2017.

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David Knapp-Fisher is a Victoria, B.C. based writer and speaker who specializes in creating human connection and building community through his business Connectivity Ninja. David can be reached at


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