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Ciera Wants To Stay In Touch!

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Hey – Ciera here.

Last week I shared my favorite part of VenturePOP and this week, I want to tell you how I plan to continue the legacy of VenturePOP by supporting creative entrepreneurs within my own business.

It’s so crazy how one thing can lead to another.

In 2013, when I started the local Made In Mind meetup I had no idea that it would eventually lead to partnering with Kristy, and then the opportunity to be a co-founder of a conference where speakers and attendees came from around the world.

Although it feels very strange and bittersweet right now, I know that this is not a failure but just a learning experience and a step in another direction to where I can serve even better.

I’m excited to dedicate more time back into my design business and continue to help small creative businesses there.

Although my outlets may shift over the years, one thing always stays the same, I’m passionate about helping small businesses to bring their visions to life whether it’s through local meetups, curating a weekend of national speakers or through intentional graphic design & branding allowing businesses to fulfill their greatest potential.

I adore teaming up with passionate solopreneurs and small businesses to help them exceed their biggest goals in many different ways.

Through over 10 years of working with creative entrepreneurs in different ways, budget, specifically when and what to invest in, is always hard to navigate and top of mind of those I’ve worked with.

In 2019, I’m dedicated to creating design more accessible, no matter what your skill level or budget. I’ll be launching customizable templates based on feedback of what would be most helpful to YOU! Right now I have a free brand board in the works and next up – think, Pinterest graphics, lead magnets, welcome packages, and more!

I’ll still be offering custom branding and design but I’m super excited to add this new branch to my business.

I can’t wait to continue to support you, your dreams and your goals!

If you have an idea for a template or how I can support you and your biz in 2019, please respond to this email or email me at

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