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Between conferences, we celebrate entrepreneurship and hold you accountable all year round through our 2-day Online Summit (coming soon) and Weekly Workflow, our on-going business leadership prompts.

VenturePOP is designed for creatives at different stages of the business game, that are seeking something bigger.

As Seen On

It all started with a simple meetup.

In 2011, we reconnected for the first time since we attended the same arts high school a decade earlier (long story, more on that later).  Each of us was freelancing and defining a career on our own terms. It was exciting, liberating, and of course difficult to run a sustainable business alone. We would meet for happy hour but stay for dinner.

It took half a margarita to drop the small talk and really dig into feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the small business to-do list.  Learning as you go, wearing too many hats, being your own sales team, having irregular income, and feeling like you never have enough time left us feeling stuck. We wanted to take control of our creative businesses and knew there had to be a better way.

Turns out, we weren’t the only ones who felt this way… Far from it.

We started hosting meetups around New Orleans and carved out a corner where creative entrepreneurs could connect with other solo business owners, and talk candidly about real issues from the trenches. People came, buzzed with excitement, and it was the birthplace of genuine business friendships and collaborations tha are still going strong years later.

The ripple effect of those collaborations inspired us to do much more. Ever since that first meetup, we’ve been dreaming up new ideas and design game-changing experiences to champion creative entrepreneurs ever since.

Today, we’re gearing up for our 4th annual conference, where speakers and attendees travel in from coast to coast to get a dose of that homecoming vibe, even if you’re a VenturePOP newbie.

It became way more than just a meetup, it became a movement.

Our signature conference curates expert presentations, actionable steps, and a room full of people who ‘get’ what you are doing and are your biggest fans cheering you on.

Meet the Founders

Ciera Holzenthal

Ciera is the Graphic Designer and Owner of Ciera Design Studio. She teams up with solopreneurs and small businesses to deliver strategic design solutions that help brands to exceed their biggest goals. Ciera is also the Lead Designer and Creative Director of all things VenturePOP.

Kristy Oustalet

As the Director of Operations for the nationally recognized events venue, Race + Religious, Kristy has a hand in personally overseeing the success of a million dollar creative business from client booking to event execution.

Her consulting company, Pow Wow Productions, works with creative businesses and solopreneurs to create, evaluate, and implement successful business plans and practices.  Through one-on-one intensive workshops, she helps others systematize and scale to reach their ambitious goals.


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