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In a land of info-overload, it can easily feel like you’ve heard it all before. You’ve read the blogs, watched the webinars, and learned by making embarrassing or even costly mistakes.

But when you step into the role of a small business owner, it’s important (maybe even necessary) to always be learning, making improvements, and evolving as a leader. A leader of your clients, a leader of your (future) team, and a leader for yourself. I believe that nothing compares to in-person training and conferences are by far my favorite place to soak it all in and push limits.

In just four weeks, experts from across the US will be taking the VenturePOP stage to teach ways to accelerate your business, hone in on your money mindset, jumpstart lean launches, and expand your mission through collaboration (just to name a few).

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to learn from VenturePOP 2018:


Money Mindsets: Are your thoughts about money affecting your level of success?

with Shanna Skidmore

We all have a money story, whether we realize it or not! Lessons we learned from our parents or experiences we’ve gone through ourselves … they all build together to tell a money story. But, as entrepreneurs, those money stories can affect our success in more ways than we realize! In this talk we will dig into the four money “mindsets” to uncover the unique story you’ve been operating under when it comes to your finances. I’ll show the good and bad ways this could be affecting your business and how to move forward empowered in your business, your finances, and your mindsets!

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The Lean Launch – A Simple Way To Sell Your Services Consistently

with Jereshia Hawk

Your business survival relies on converting clients consistently. You want steady income you can count on using your skills and talents and gifts. But out there in the wild wild web, it’s made to seem complicated. Most marketing and client attraction strategies have you doing the most with little return on your investment. The fact is, growing a business of consistent paying clients doesn’t have to be complicated. Jereshia Hawk, recent corporate dropout and multi-six figure business owner, has developed a step-by-step system that any online influencer can follow to simply sell their services.

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Mistakes Make Magic: How to embrace imperfection and pursue your passions.

with Catherine Guidry

Catherine Guidry is a New Orleans based wedding photographer, podcaster and educator. She has photographed been featured on Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Wedding Sparrow, Southern Brides and more and is now helping others embrace imperfection and pursue their passions through her podcast “Mistakes Make Magic.” Catherine’s greatest achievements lie in creating memorable experiences for her clients and teaching other creative entrepreneurs and photographers how to successfully run their businesses!

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How to Manage Running Multiple Creative Businesses

with Fresh Johnson

Running a business is hard AF. Running a business with multiple brand extensions is voluntary insanity and let’s be honest, wine doesn’t always fix everything. I’m excited to share my top 5 tips on how I manage my company in the creative realm.

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How to Create an Online Course That Flies Off the Shelves

with Len Markidan

You have a passion, a talent or a skill that others would love to learn about. But how do you go from knowing something to being able to teach it to others? Learn how to build an effective, irresistible online course that your audience will be delighted to enroll in, even if you’ve never done it before.

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How To Get Booked Out Month in Advance

with Halley Gray

The future is freelancing. To make it profitable and sustainable you need to have months of clients booked in advance all the time. It’s not magic. It’s effective marketing.

In this talk you’ll learn:
1. Why hustling is going to break you before it makes you.
2. What being ‘booked out’ means.
3. The 7 mental blocks of selling your brain online
4. The 6 step framework that works to get coaches, designers, virtual assistants, project managers and more booked months in advance.

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Collaborating For a Greater Impact

with Gary Hirsch

Gary is widely known as a speaker, illustrator, performer, and Co-founder of On Your Feet (, an early pioneer of bringing improv to the boardroom to help professional teams with communication, leadership, idea generation, and more.

Through improv, Gary works with some of the world’s most innovative organizations including: Intel, Disney, Nike, Apple, Intel P&G, Daimler, The Skoll Foundation and others.

His presentation will encourage you to think differently about your business, keep things playful, and collaborate for a greater impact.

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