We know that small creative businesses simply don’t fit into a box. Our speakers will share both inspiring stories and tangible steps to amp up your unique business and mindset.

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Adam J. Kurtz

Things Are What You Make of Them

Adam is a designer, artist and the author of 1 Page at a Time and Pick Me Up. In addition to his “very personal” personal work, he’s collaborated with brands and cultural institutions like Urban Outfitters and the Brooklyn Public Library.


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Cyndie Spiegel

Busting Fear + the Imposter Syndrome

Cyndie is a Small Business Coach and Founder of The Collective (of Us), an online accelerator and community for women small business owners.


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Maggie Gentry Miller

Own Your Why

Maggie is founder of Own Your Why and marketing strategist for creatives who value genuine connections and intentional growth.


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Maya Elious

5 Struggles Only Creatives Understand & How To Overcome Them

Maya is a personal branding strategist helping creative entrepreneurs gain clarity and create profitable and impactful brands.


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Dannie Fountain

10 Steps to a Consistent Annual Marketing Plan

Dannie is a marketing and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs, author, educator, digital nomad & whip-smart whiskey drinker.


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Nick Sambrato

The Struggle is Real But All So Rewarding

Founder of Mama’s Sauce, a spot color print shop & VP of its parent company, Fiction. Mama’s Sauce is a renowned print shop in the graphic design culture.


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Mallory Whitfield

The Power of Pinterest

Mallory is an artist, author and founder of Badass Creatives, a diverse community that believes creativity, innovation and kindness can change the world.


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Justin Shiels

Designing Your Life: Using Design Thinking to Grow your Business

Justin is Chief Creative at design and marketing company This Creative Lab and founder of Curious Tribe, a weekly dose of happy in an uncertain world.