2017 Speaker Topics

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Amam J Kurtz speaker at creative entrepreneur conferenceAdam J. Kurtz

Things Are What You Make of Them

Expanding on a series of popular essays, Adam will share wisdom and insights from one working artist to others. As wry and cheeky as it is empathic and empowering, his keynote presentation will be a touchstone for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to be more creative–even when it would be easier to give up and act normal.


Cyndie Spiegel speaker at creative entrepreneur conference

Cyndie Spiegel

On Fear + The Imposter Syndrome

How To Do Extraordinary Shit In Business (and Life) By Understanding and Owning Your Fears




Dannie Fountain

10 Steps to a Consistent Annual Marketing Plan

Are you tired of the “feast and famine” roller coaster most entrepreneurs experience? Planning your marketing strategy en masse is the key to a consistent brand presence and a consistent sales cycle. This session will walk you through the 10 core steps to an annual marketing strategy, setting you up to head into 2018 with a clear plan for consistency with your cash and clients.


Maggie Gentry speaker at creative entrepreneur conferenceMaggie Gentry Miller

Own Your Why

A workshop style session to reset and remember why you’re passionate about your business in the first place. You’ll dig a little deeper to connect with your clients on a more personal and passionate level.



Maya Elious speaker at creative entrepreneur conferenceMaya Elious

5 Struggles Only Creatives Understand & How To Overcome Them

A jam-packed session full of validation followed by executable tactics that every creative solopreneur can benefit from.




Justin Shiels speaker at creative entrepreneur conferenceJustin Shiels

Designing Your Life

Using Design Thinking to Grow your Business





Mallory Whitfield

The Power of Pinterest

Mallory will be dropping all sorts of knowledge-bombs about her favorite visual search engine. (There you have it. The first knowledge-bomb. Pinterest isn’t a social media platform. It’s a SEARCH ENGINE!)



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