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Ciera here, one of the co-founders of VenturePOP. I attended my first conference in 2009 and have been hooked ever since! Continuing my education has always been important to me and conferences are my favorite place to do that! I seriously can’t wait to learn from all of these fabulous people in less than a month!

TARA GENTILE – It’s Not About You: Money-Making, Systematization and Sanity for Creative Entrepreneurs

  • Set a financial goal that fuels your creativity and innovative spirit
  • Uncover the system you’ve been using to create results all along
  • Turn your system into a product that can 10x your impact and influence
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your business–instead of inside the engine

SARAH MORGAN – How to Build a Thriving Online Community from Your Couch

  • Why you need to use your quirks and flaws to define your brand
  • How to make your audience feel like they’re part of your tribe
  • Collaborating to grow your community
  • How to choose a community platform (or do you even need one?)
  • The good, bad, and really annoying parts of hosting an online community (aka how to host without it taking up all your time)

SHENEE HOWARD – Branding You: Get Paid For Being Yourself

  • How to clarify your message so that people get what you do without explanation and want to give you allll of the money
  • How to use the 100 People Project to help build your brand, define your target market and get new customers
  • A step-by-step guide for building an offer or service that is branded to you and sells effortlessly
  • How to infuse personality and fun into your business so you can easily connect with people

Wesley Verhoeve – How to Partner with Brands to Support your Passion Project

  • How to best select and approach a potential sponsor/partner.
  • Which info is most appropriate to share in a conversation with a potential sponsor/partner?
  • How to make a partnership a win-win.

BEINGS BOSS – Goal-setting Like a Boss

  • goal-setting tools we use to get specific about what we want
  • breaking out our to-do list to reach our goals step-by-step
  • holding on to big vision while also doing the work
  • monetizing our goals

JENNIFER PUNO – Instagram Marketing: Grow Real Followers

  • How to get social and pro-actively build your following
  • Start list building
  • Best practices of setting goals and tracking growth

And these are just the topics that I am MOST excited about! We will also have a few panels and interactive breaks that will get you asking questions and meeting new people! See all of our speakers here.

How awesome is it that you get to learn from amazing thought leaders from all over the country while connecting with a community of creatives who are in the same boat as you?!

Don’t have a ticket yet? Purchase one now before they are gone!

I truly hope to see you at VenturePop in a few weeks!

Ciera Holzenthal
VenturePop Co-Founder


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