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Chantelle Adams
“The Power of Story”

Chantelle Adams is a Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter.  She has delivered over 800 speeches in 5 years and created a 6 figure business in just 9 months helping entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers all over the world use the power of speaking and storytelling to turn their message into a movement while creating a powerful business and meaningful impact in the world.


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Regina Anaejionu
“Permission to Profit”

Regina Anaejionu is an author and teacher who is a creative sidekick to infopreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers–anyone who wants to profit from their knowledge and passions in a purposeful and authentic way. Her belief is that you are legendary so she creates workbooks, courses, articles, and other trainings to help you reveal your true creative epicness. Regina is the Chief Ridiculousness Officer at byRegina.com, where you can find all her posts, books, and workshops.

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Bashar Wali
“Make History By Respecting It”

I live in Portland, so naturally I’m all about making.
But the thing that I love to make most, is transcendent experiences. I love crafting local, artisanal… Sorry. Did I mention that I’m from Portland? Let me start again, without the Portlandese (or Brooklynese or Austinese): I love creating experiences that elevate humans, that makethem feel respected, cared for, deeply rested, fed, nourished and refreshed. And I have a job that lets me do that.

I am constantly on the look out for places that celebrate their dreamers. Cities and towns across this great land where makers, doers and creators are Rock Stars; literally. Where authentic is a way of life. I do all of these things for one over-arching reason: to make transcendent experiences for my fellow travelers. “Travelers,” in the Keseyian sense.”


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Lauren Delaney
“The Etsy Revolution”

Lauren Delaney is a New Orleans-based designer and adventuress whose work has graced the big screens, FAO Schwarz, Elle, The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, Buzzfeed and Mental Floss.  In addition to managing her bustling online business, she is the assistant curator of Escape My Room, the universe’s premier live action escape game.  As assistant curator to this disreputable little institution, she enjoys coming up with new ways to provoke and befuddle her guests.  To keep things lively, she also teaches, writes, and tours the country with her business.  Her Etsy shop has had 16,000+ sales to date.


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Lianna Patch
“Convert Like Crazy”

Lianna Patch is a born-and-raised New Orleanian, copywriter, and Copyblogger-certified content marketer. She helps small businesses stand out online and off with clear, concise copy and smart marketing strategy. Lianna also serves as an editor for several local and national publications. Find her tweeting copywriting tips and pictures of her cat at @theenglishmaven.


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Julia Sevin
“Convert Like Crazy”

Julia Sevin is a practical idealist, a restless polymath, and a suspenders-wearing plain dealer. She serves as president of the New Orleans chapter of AIGA (the professional association for design), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which advances design as a professional craft, a strategic tool, and a vital cultural force. She is the co-founder of Upanotch Creative Studio, through which she creates print design, web design, and branding for New Orleans small businesses. She likes craft beer, Brit rock, creating and dismantling systems, and the phrase “with a quickness.”


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Joah Spearman
“Entrepreneurship is hard, but so worth it”

Joah Spearman is co-founder and CEO overseeing business development, community management, marketing and investor relations. Before Localeur, Spearman co-founded an experiential marketing agency which worked closely with SXSW and ESPN X Games, and earlier served as a social media and communications adviser to companies ranging from FedEx to Volkswagen. Joah is on the board of directors for AIDS Services of Austin and KLRU-TV (Austin’s PBS affiliate) and previously served as vice chair of the Austin Music Commission and a member of its Downtown Commission. Joah was recently named one of the Top 10 Black Innovators of 2014 by MVMT 50 (“Movement 50”) and was named Emerging Business Leader of the Year by the Greater Austin Black Chamber in 2013 along with being a four-time finalist for Austin’s Under 40 Awards. He is also the co-author of Real Role Models: Successful African Americans Beyond Pop Culture (Univ. of Texas Press).


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Lauren Hooker
“A Lasting First Impression”

Lauren Hooker is the graphic designer and blogger behind Elle & Company, a business, blogging, and design resource for creative entrepreneurs. Her love for design led her to a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Virginia Tech, and after a couple years of freelance work she pursued her dream of starting a full-time graphic design business in 2014. She’s seen firsthand how design can greatly impact the success of a business and loves teaching others the fundamentals of great design.


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Cyndie Spiegel
“How to use Creative Collaboration”

Cyndie is a Brooklyn-based Small Business Consultant, Coach, and Speaker specializing in strategy for creative entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of Build It Like A Boss- The Course and The Collective {of Us}, an online collective designed for creative entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses through community, connections, business coaching, and peer-to-peer mentoring.

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