A Bittersweet Farewell

Thanks so much for stopping by!

While this community means the world to us, we've decided that hosting an annual conference is no longer the best way for us to serve and we will no longer host VenturePOP Conferences.

It’s people like you that have made our vision possible. Your fuel to our fire has resulted in hosting 32+ experts to present to 600+ creative entrepreneurs to inspire professional growth and spark collaborations.

Over the past four years, we’ve hosted welcome dinners, happy hours, second-lines and NOLA-style after parties to break down the walls of competition and make business buds for life.

Individually, we plan to continue championing creative entrepreneurs and continue the legacy of VenturePOP by supporting creative entrepreneurs with our own businesses. Check out what we’re working on now below.

Thanks a million for the support + incredible memories!

XOXO, Kristy & Ciera

Stay In Touch

Ciera Holzenthal

Hi! I’m Ciera, the Graphic Designer, and Owner of Ciera Design Studio. I team up with solopreneurs and small businesses to deliver strategic design solutions that help brands to exceed their biggest goals.

In 2019, I’m dedicated to making design more accessible, no matter what your skill level or budget. I’ll be launching customizable marketing templates to help keep your brand and business consistent without breaking the bank. Think, brand boards, Pinterest graphics, lead magnets, welcome packages, and more!

The best way to stay in touch is to sign up for my email list using the subscribe button below – when you do, you’ll get access to a VIP resource library on my site and any new freebies (like the upcoming brand board) that I create!

I’m excited to dedicate more time back into my design business and continue to help small creative businesses there. I can’t wait to continue to support you, your dreams and your goals!

Kristy Duke

In addition to Co-Founding VenturePOP,  for the past 5 years I’ve been the Business Manager for an event venue (Race + Religious). Through this experience I’ve learned a lot about business growth and how the back end of the business needs to keep up with those changes.

Whether its a mini empire or a million dollar business- there’s a need for better systems, processes, and tracking trends to guide sound business decisions as we grow.

That’s exactly the focus of Kristy Duke Consulting- helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs take control of their small business (and life) through maximizing their profit margins.

Learn more about my one-on-one consulting services or take the “Find Your Focus” Quiz by clicking through below.

Our Mission

VenturePOP is a place where independent creatives become part of a tribe. We connect you with expert advice, actionable steps, and a room full of people who ‘get’ what you are doing and are your biggest fans cheering you on.

Without attending VenturePop my business would not be where it is today. I can’t give enough praise to this fantastic event!

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